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The national campaign of bus advertising did not reach Leicester. The Leicester Secular Society, along with Leicester Skeptics in the Pub, has decided to launch a campaign in the Leicester area.

Although religion is in decline in Britain, religions are being given more say in our society, not less. A recent survey shows that  only 17% of British people had no doubt that God exists. 43% of British people say they have no religion at all.*

Our aim to give a voice to those in Leicester who want a Secular society where religions are not subsidised by the tax payer and are kept apart from government and public services. In a diverse City like Leicester, we also want to show that cultural identity is not the same as religious belief.

 Our target is to raise 1,500 by the end of March. We already have 600 in pledges.

We are confident that we will be able to get our advertising campaign underway and if we have surplus funds, we will use that to continue campaigning for Secularism.

The national campaign, which is supported by Professor Richard Dawkins and the British Humanist Association, was a response to a series of evangelical Christian adverts running on buses. Comedy writer Ariane Sherine suggested the rational, positive slogan to reassure people who may have been scared by the evangelical adverts.

Since its donation phase began in October 2008, the Atheist Bus Campaign has inspired atheist organisations across the world to launch their own bus campaigns. This includes Austria, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Italy,  Ireland,  Spain, Sweden and USA. Campaigns are also planned in Argentina, Chile and Luxembourg. However, there have been no ads in Leicester.

* The British Social Attitudes Survey 2010. When asked which, if any, religion they belonged to, 50% said they were Christian (in 1983, that was 66%). 43% said they had no religion (up from 31% in 1983).
When asked whether they believed in God, 18% said that they definitely don't; 19% said they didn't know whether there was a God and there was no way to find out; 14% said they didn't believe in a personal God, but did believe in some higher power; 13% said they sometimes believed in God and sometimes didn't; 18% said they had doubts but overall believed in God; 17% said they had absolutely no doubt that God exists.


Contributors to the fund so far:


TARGET: 1,500

The Pansy - Symbol of Freethought

To contact us email
atheistbus @ lsec .org.uk (close spaces)


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How our ads might appear


A London bus ad


A German bus ad


Ariane Sherine's original wording


Billboard ad - don't label me


A Finnish ad


A Spanish ad



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