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Sunday, 19 April 2015
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10:00 Category: LSS - Public event (not at Secular Hall)[10:30] LSS: Spring walk.
The Society's Spring Walk will take place on Sunday, April 19, starting at 10.30 am. It will be a 3.5 mile circular walk on tarmac and grassy fields. There will be a few stiles, little mud and a few slopes - hardly hills! The starting point is Ulverscroft Lane, Ulverscroft at the junction with Priory Lane https://goo.gl/maps/UBhTF. There will be some beautiful scenery. An interesting landmark on the route is the ruined Ulverscroft Priory, now being reconstructed. Lunch (optional) will be at the Field Head Hotel and Restaurant http://www.goleicestershire.com/thedms.aspx?dms=3&feature=1&venue=2533971, near the roundabout mentioned below. A main course costs 9.99. Optional starters and sweet courses are 2.50 each. Orders should be placed in advance. This is easy as the hotel is on the way in from Leicester, on the road to Newtown Linford. How to get there: drive north west for around seven miles on the A50 from central Leicester to the Field Head roundabout (on the outskirts of Markfield). Turn right on an unclassified road signposted to Newtown Linford. (Book your lunch here at the Field Head Hotel.) A sign saying Newtown Linford appears almost instantly, but this only the outskirts. Drive for about two miles to a T-junction. Straight in front is a sign pointing left to Ulverscroft. Turn left (not right into Newtown Linford village centre). A few hundred yards on, on the left, is Ulverscroft Lane. Drive about two miles down the lane to its end (it joins Priory Lane) There is parking space here. The walk will start here. What to wear: walking boots pretty well essential, worn with a second pair of socks; a warm, waterproof coat; lightweight trousers (they'll dry more quickly if they get wet); ladies could wear a skirt, but trousers are better; a warm hat (waterproof if your coat does not have a hood); a sweater and gloves, worn, or carried in a rucsac if it's warm enough to discard them. What to bring: hot and/cold drinks and something to nibble like a banana or biscuit, carried in a rucsac. An old blunt knife is useful to scrape mud off boots. As walk leader, I should like people to tell me if they're coming. The hotel also needs to know numbers so they can reserve the right number of tables. Phone: 01509 767317; mob: 07884952804; e: terrylee74@talktalk.net. Terry Larkin No evening meeting


In the interest of freethought and free speech we also list other selected events of interest - no endorsement or responsibility is implied. Always check details with the organisers.

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