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LSS News February 2010
New posts on our blog
22 Feb: Recent topics include: Mercy Killing, Intellectual Honour, Origins of Scepticism and An orgasm a day. Read Here ...
Beyond Belief - Religion and the Law
22 Feb: Leicester's Bishop Tim Stevens and the BHA's Andrew Copson are among Ernie Rea's guests in Beyond Belief on BBC Radio 4 to discuss the Church of England's privilege in having 26 Bishops in the House of Lords and demand for discrimination in employment where other employers cannot.
Government U-Turn on Children’s Rights to Sex Education
19 Feb: Bowing to Roman Catholic lobbying, Secretary of State Ed Balls has effectively allowed sectarian schools an opt-out (see them gloat here). More from BHA Register your Protest here.
We're on Facebook!
19 Feb: Follow the link on our Atheist Bus Ad Campaign page.
A Fair Trade? I beg to differ!
18 Feb: Face the facts behind the Fairtrade logo says LSS member Simon Perry in his Leicester Mercury Skeptic column. Does it hurt the world's poorest farmers to the benefit of others considerably better off? Fairtrade fortnight (22 Feb - 7 March).
Support the Leicester Atheist Bus Ad Campaign
16 Feb: See the New web page on our site - information about the campaign, and of course a DONATE button.
New writer joins Blog panel: Valentine Innovation
15 Feb: Not content with editing the Leicester Secularist, Harry Perry has joined our team of Blog writers. Click here for his first article or follow the Blog link on our home page to view previous posts.
Secularist of the Year 2010
13 Feb: LSS President Allan Hayes, himself a nominee, attended the National Secular Society Irwin Prize ceremony. Winner: Southall Black Sisters. Special award: Samantha Stein who spoke to us last October about Camp Quest.
New web page for LSS supporters
13 Feb: We have a new page listing all the ways you can support Leicester Secular Society and its campaigns. Follow the Help Us link on our home page or click here.
Leicester Secularist (Febrary) out now
12 Feb: INSIDE: Leicester's Atheist Bus campaign Launch, Modernising Secular Hall, Islamophobia, 1023, White working-class anger, Dangers of sincere beliefs, The pope and homosexuality, Skulduggery or fantasy, Bringing and sharing. PLUS forthcoming events, reviews of recent talks, and more. Leicester Secularist.
Launch of One Law For All 100 Club
7 Feb: Just released - Mariam Namazie's report from the Jan 28 event. Includes video of AC Grayling's and Maryam's speeches, how (and why) you can help, and more.
LSS Member Presents 'Thought for the Day' on BBC
5 Feb: BBC Radio Leicester aired its fourth secular Thought for the Day by Eleanor Davidson - 'Don't divide us'. Listen here.
LSS Member on Radio Leicester
4 Feb: Harry Perry (editor of our journal, the Leicester Secularist) joined Tony Wadsworth in a feature on 'fate'. Listen here - The feature begins at 9:27 on the timeline and Harry enters at 13:55 (available until noon, 11 Feb).
Make The Pope Pay petition launched
2 Feb: The pope's forthcoming visit will cost millions - Sign the NSS Petition to deflect this cost from us taxpayers.
Secularists in the News
2 Feb: 2 items in today's Leicester Mercury. Allan Hayes nominated for Secularist of the Year; Simon Perry encourages An alternative way of thinking in his Skeptic column. Also two muslim women explain their opposing views on veiling their faces.
Archbishop knows best on assisted suicide
1 Feb: Archbishop of York John Sentamu rejects an opinion poll (Daily Mail - read the comments) showing most people want voluntary assisted suicide decriminalised. Terry Pratchett on YouTube and BBC Dimbleby Lecture (available until 8 Feb).

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