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  • Leicester Secularist
    Leicester Secularist is the newsletter of Leicester Secular Society.
    If you sign up to this list, we'll send you an email when each future new edition is available online.

  • LSS Events
    For most of the year we have a talk or meeting in the Secular Hall at 6:30 each Sunday evening, and there are other occasional events.
    If you join this list we'll send you notification of forthcoming LSS events - generally you can expect one or two emails each week.

  • News + Campaign Updates
    Join this list if you want to keep up with the news and our campaigns.
    You may receive sporadic emails depending on activity (usually no more than monthly).
  • LSS members only
    This list is for paid-up members of Leicester Secular Society only.
    We will check your email address against those in our membership records. To join Leicester Secular Society (not free), please visit http://www.leicestersecularsociety.org.uk/membership.htm .


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